Saturday, 19 April 2014

did you Quake thinking of this post? of course not! Quite, me neither!

is for Quintain

Quintain poetry is any poetic form with a five line stanza.  So a limerick is a quintain.  I write a lot in fivers though not limericks, here’s a quintain based poem for this challenge:

I was never quite sure where it mattered,
if it was okay for the skin of my face
to look smooth and quite nonchalant
when its other side was constantly puckered,
clenched and convulsed in amazement.

Only a half-grain of this vast world
blew into my eyes from somewhere.
And I took it out, and just imagine!
It too had the same smoothness of skin
and the same uneven, awestruck innards!

Now that's turned out much easier than anticipated. Illustrates some moral about something, fear? reality? problems? whatever; you know what I mean. Always easier when faced fair and square.

Posted for the A-Z Challenge.


  1. Oh how horrible am I with five line stanzas :(

    1. They can be quite liberating. Wider choices for rhymed versions in terms of rhyme schemes than quatrains. We are just more used to the quatrain formats, reading writing both, at least I was. But "odd" numbered lines in a stanza means one can play around a bit more.
      Thanks for being here, Sabeeha, and have the loveliest weekend.

    2. Yes perhaps. More comfortable with them. I shall give this one a try :) Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. How nice! I have never tried it. It looks effortless and flows very well :)

    1. Thank you. Do please give it a shot and see :)

  3. Another new word for me, along with what you've written. I used to love limericks. I'd borrow books from the library when I was in primary school.

  4. I do have to remind myself of this truth every now and then, that it's easier when faced head on. Just scarier too...