Thursday, 15 May 2014

No white mares, please

Image credit here

There was no need for white steeds, harnessed mares
you could have come on your own two feet, straight
and unafraid, like a pilgrim without finery, bare
of foot, and I’d have still unlatched the gate.

There’s enough water to pour at your feet
to wash you clean, there’s enough grain and fire
to sear fish and flesh, enough to drink and eat
you needn’t have brought a single sapphire.

All we need is here in front of my eyes
an ear of fresh grain’s tucked behind my ear
a jug of water silvered by the moonrise
and the distant riversong, soft but clear.

Drop the reins, turn her loose, let go your mare
come with your dusty feet, love needs no fanfare.

Very much in the wedding mode here and now! Indian grooms traditionally come in a procession to the bride's home to marry, in some parts of India, they ride a mare.  Warli is the name of a tribe in Western India who make these astounding paintings on the walls of their house with rice paste as temporary decorations for festivals.  


  1. Love needs no fanfare :) that made me go aww! Haha as a child I was in love in warli art since its so easy to paint :D hehe I'm horrible with the paintbrush.

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