Thursday 1 May 2014

مش مهم ...لكن ....

Not important...but...anyways, FYEO

Are you going to quibble over the knits and picks?
the broken plurals, the dual words, the dots and flicks
like the chaps pour and ponder over cups of tea
leaves and dregs and spider legs and eternity 

Will you turn and tip and dip the translucent bowl?
into the nibs shake out the drops unfurl the scroll
and shake your head over sore how empty they fall
or just be pleased on your knees that they fall at all

Will you write the love and the pain from hearts to tips
from right to left, or stand alone like proud aliphs
it doesn’t count what tongue you choose, all love’s a gift
both love and pain die in the end, too slow or swift

Write left to right, or right to left, the way you must
the pen and pain, they dry too soon, love ends in dust.

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