Monday 12 May 2014

The naming of the child

That word was like a torn up half page
and floated gently in through the window
on it scribbled in some far off language
first name first time in eerie TV glow
across the room the father sat in his place
the news as usual, hyped up talk show
each pixel jammed froze as he turned his face
and looked straight and said, ”Yes, I think I know.”

And they matched the two halves like an old password
like a dollar bill torn and used by two spies
in some nightclub where the two edges fit
one half this line, the other half that blood
and both clicked close without an air of surprise
as if all prearranged and really, that was it.

Today my child is a teenager, a year closer to growing up.  He asked me a few days back if I ever wrote about him!  I said many times, but I rarely put it up over here.  So this is for him, if he should ever visit :)  Happy birthday to the greatest love of my life!


  1. Oh wow! Happy birthday to him! I'm sure he will love your poem :)
    Ps it's my birthday today too :D

  2. Happy birthday to your son, in his first teenage year, lovely poem.