Thursday, 22 April 2021

T is for ... Today ... n ... Ton


Today it is time for a ton of photos... some really old...and some not so old.. all of them taken when I was present  and mindful, in the moment... the lens makes you focus on more than just the picture...

Flowers gifted by a friend.  They brightened my
mood up amidst all the terrible news from home.

Tall grasses...always an incentive to stop and click

Tiny cat by the pool. Everyday tranquillity.

Stained glass in a 7th century Abbey.  It is 
its own tribute to the artists of the past.

Riverine transport...

Sunset over Tubli Bay.

Tanoura performance...taken the very
last time.

Supermoon of twenty eighteen.

Selfie at the Bahrain Fort...a tourist attraction.  The fort, 
not the selfie. :)

The burning tip of the wick. Diwali lamp from
a lifetime ago.

Towers...not a fan generally, but okay when
they are softened by their reflections.

And that is twelve, that should make a ton!


  1. Hari OM
    Can't beat a good photograph... and here we are with several! YAM xx

  2. Truly gorgeous photos! I'm mesmerized by the Tanoura costumes.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thank you.

  4. The selfie could be an attraction, it's very nice! I love shadows.

  5. Hi Nila - those are all delightful to see ... and as Deborah says the Tanoura costumes are just lovely to see. Your selfie - is just glorious to see. Another supermoon has just passed ... stunning to see - cheers and all the very best ... thinking of you - Hilary