Monday, 7 April 2014 said anything about easy.

is for Free verse

Free verse is just that.  Free from the constraints of rhymes, metres and rules and able to fall into whatever shape the poet or poem chooses. 

Not a form I write to very often.  My poems come into my head with rhymes in situ, and it all stops making any sense if I pluck them out. I struggle with free form.

Writer's block

I try to articulate, roll out flat
snagged scrolls of half-formed poems
long ago brownprints stashed
on the fragile shelves in
the glitterdusty glass lab of time;

people beam into prisms
of this glass world, and I pick up
the degrees of warmth and coolness
that are within range and
have proper names

blue maybe, and opalescent green,
a purplish redhazy love
the greymottled smell of discontent
the angry, spiky ice of violence
that slices hands open when it’s touched;

nothing silkfalls, nothing pebbleplops
into the page, it pants a little,
a slight rise and sink of white
it can wait blank, quiet, patiently breathing
I can wait too, breathing, holding my breath;

words form at their own pace
their body clock does not tick in time
with mine, they dance on a different floor
I can hear their heels tap on wood
muffled slow music beyond the window;

there is nowhere left to hurry to
and hurry back from,
so where are you going?

That first week went by pretty fast! A bit hassly - my weekend being Fri/Sat, but things worked out okay.


Posted for the A-Z Challenge 2014, originally created by Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out.


  1. Loved the verses... I don't think anyone has written a more poetic take on writer's block!

    Random Thoughts Naba

    1. Block as in city block? :) thanks for reading.

  2. Love your free verse poetry, beautifully written.
    Dropping by on the A to Z. :)

  3. you know what I love about these poems everyday? the way they seem to be telling a story, about the poem, verse and all too. loved it!

    1. Everyday posting, rhyming is good discipline, and a good pace for storytelling too. :)

  4. Your imagery is spell binding. I like the word craft silkfall and pebbleplop...distinctly vivid and the use of colours to denote different moods and emotions/


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