Wednesday, 16 April 2014

what NoNseNse!

is for Nonsense verse

Nonsense verse is humorous or whimsical poetry that resists conventional interpretation, often using coined words and written targeting children.  Lewis Caroll and Edward Lear are two very famous names here.

No rules, just pure fun.  Here is my first with coined words:

With ten mune nolet that jarroped the vode,
gruddied and huggled the primist but plautwell.
For squish simmerlaked, the plaby grimode
henroaches of tristew locked paleud and crenel.
Revenhoe the barrush ludding bilode,
revenhoe the felish groudent psychelle.

And rho in nucket frippen teleclappode
dellinged slideways flaryn heave and foundel,
avit shipe gribbed colite by nematoad
theep was newit chumbler and charmelle.
Revenhoe the barrush ludding bilode,
revenhoe the felish groudent psychelle.

But if you prefer your nonsense rhymes to use regular language, here's another with everyday words:

lose every verse by reverse osmosis
nothing’s served hoarding lines no use at all
bend distort huddle and sort into bliss
shuffle and roll struggle-hold pencil scrawl

online offbeat ring side seat street and mall
filled to brim empty grim whittled gray ash
from ghost towns floats around your world is small
the cars are large tiny stars shiny trash

take it out and the mote don’t touch the lash
who said it’s dead? no you don’t scratch at backs
not polite try to write a bit less flash
go where you want! make sure you don’t leave the tracks!

whine and feud too subdued? just turn them up
rinse repeat drink then spit and stir the cup 

Posted for the A-Z Challenge.


  1. What a great idea to write about for N. I liked the second one, because I understood the language. :-)

  2. Haha the first one had me staring at it. I thought to myself I need to grab a dictionary! Lol then realised it's gibberish!
    I'm confused about this one here :p

  3. I so needed this today. I have spent the morning administering the SAT test to juniors (a state mandate. April 16 is the new April 15, if you get my drift.). Poetry makes me feel better. via A to Z Challenge


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