Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The noise of the rain like the rush of wind
against membranes, the landscape thinned
down to mute subdued smoky hued
rough thumbprints of colour, crude
strokes painted quick on windscreens
melting glass and chrome, new born greens
slapping their arms then flinging them wide
welcoming a rowdy day outside


have you left this conversation?
I can’t quite see the million
curtailed rays reflected in your crystal mind
I’ve listened for but still can’t find
the resonance of your voice in the thread
but it echoes round in the dome of my head
in mocking whisper mode quickly cut off
by other noises of pettiness that go on non-stop.

The long trumpet note of an elephantine truck
swells and ebbs trailing flash red cargo. Just my luck
to be stopped by red lights at the train lines
crowded level crossing, screaming signs -
danger, don’t walk. Don’t allow yourself to be lost
between parallel silver tracks.  Not to be crossed
on foot.  A movement of air disguised as a breeze
precedes the train’s, and most other, entries.


have you left this squirming post
walked through someplace not to be crossed
on foot? I’ve strained to listen but can’t hear
the slow slap of your sole anywhere near
though some bootprints mark the mud lane
strewn with the debris of mundane
leaves, of days and nights; withered, squashed
by the invisible thread of the car exhaust.


Makeshift gates tremble open and closed
a few bars of steel keep traffic paused
on lanes that fail to hide their mud with asphalt
tyres and hearts sink a little. This halt
hasn’t been taken into account, a waste, wasted
time segments. torn oranges trailed by another thread
of black ants, unspoken words that endlessly crawl
round and round the dome and spiralling wall.


have you left behind the trembling gate
squirming silver tracks, the talk and debate
that froth in the veins of lanes and mud
unravelling spools of words, unheard
useless noise brimming over the rainsounds
have you altogether abandoned the grounds?
How then does the chocolate darkness of your voice
still drop over domes and walls and all petty noise.

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  1. whew...this is a feast for the senses....you move so fluidly image to image with intensity as well...the traffic, the tires sinking with the hearts....the chocolate darkness of your voice...nice....some really great stuff here...

    1. sometimes we overtake the object of the chase w/o being aware and carry on clueless....thanks for reading and the feedback

  2. what a journey...great images and intense emotions...love how you weave the metaphor with such effectively placed threads...

    1. whether it's smelling flowers or car exhaust, each journey has something to offer..thanks for your comment

  3. I agree with Brian. You really let loose with imagery!