Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I'll see you home: thoughts on poetry

This is where I stand; and this, where I come from
the tote you see slung over my back is my poetry
telling you right here, honestly and clear, that home
is nothing outside, but somewhere deep within me


open the recliner where you can, where you want to
put up the pie-slice parasol, hand out the drink
tie a prayer flag, also build a sand castle or two
and then it’s time again to snap-shut, and sling


it over my shoulders, move on, the tide comes in
the lotus closes in ponds inland, the touch-me-not
folds up neat the lace of its leaf, the brief uncertain
twilight is laid out and withdrawn in one short


burst of colours, and then the dark sets me free
the dark doesn’t go anywhere, I dip into monochrome
into my guts where the black ink pools, some poetry
is in every mess, every swoop.  I’ll see you to that home.

Shared @ dVerse for OpenLinkNight


  1. the end..poetry is in everything...and i love that home is deep within you as well...and nothing exterior...pretty cool verse...

  2. You build this well to the final lines and I find I want to follow you there.

  3. ha...i agree-- poetry is just everywhere-- we only have to see it and home def. is something within us.not a building or place..i like

  4. i agree with those before me ~ even with eyes closed, we see poetry in everything and home within us makes for a happier life.


  5. This moves so wonderfully from multicolored prayer flag world to black and white Orono. Well done. K.

  6. Agh. I am on iPad! Crazy corrections. Meant blac and white of ink.

  7. Poetry is within and I just love this!

  8. Thank you all for reading. Love the warmth at the pub...value the feedback.