Saturday 13 April 2024



L is for Long shadows at the higher Latitudes in winter Light, or even when the sun gets a bit Low elsewhere. 

Paris, 2010.

Neuse River Trail, USA, 2024..

Raleigh, USA, 2023. 

Kolkata, 2019. 

Aberdare National Park, Kenya, 2017

Adar, Bahrain, 2021.

Cordoba, Spain, 2015. 

Look at your shadows. The shadows tell you what the light is doing. ~ Nick Tresidder, Photographer. 

Tip on photography, but also a life lesson lurking in there. I'll keep looking, as best as I can. 

That's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed the photos and the quote. Happy A-Zing! - if you're participating. And happy cusp season to you, if you're not! 

Posted for the A-Z Challenge 2024


  1. Shadows fascinate me. Mine is often taller than I am - and always more graceful.

  2. Hari Om
    Love your Long Looks at the Light at play! YAM xx

  3. My favorite this time is the birds with reflections instead of shadows. In the evening the shadows get longer here and it is evening.

  4. Hi Nila - look, learn and listen ... true - so much for our lives - cheers Hilary